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Here is the deal on gearbox oil change and the "sealed for life" on ZF gearboxes. The car manufacturer gives a warranty period, within that period they will look after drive train, engine etc. After warranty period.....then of course we will replace but at a cost, our cost and labour charge. So yes I agree do as the manufacture says, absolutely.

The manufacture of the gearbox in this instance is not Maserati but ZF so follow their advice. Transmission oil is a consumable fluid, it degrades over time so do the seals within the gearbox. Bottom line ZF on the 6HP26 every 8 years or 80 000km which ever occurs first change the fluid and whilst you're at it the mechatronic sleeves, bridge seal, filter and connector sleeve.

Should you simply drain and refill? Or drain refill and after say 500 km repeat? Or drain flush lines to cooler and refill? For that there is no clear answer. I prefer option 2 in the above.


1 - 1 of 10 Posts