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Hey Masi friends,

Had to throw this out there - if you are like me and have an older Masi but cannot find a mechanic you trust close by to help you with it when necessary, I cannot recommend YSRJunkie (on this forum) enough - I'm in south Texas, and he is around the Houston area; he did wonders for my little Spyder GT convertible & so worth the trip for me to bring it down to him. I found him on this forum & so glad I did - now I'm just trying to figure out how to subscribe to the paid membership here...

I tried the Ferrari dealership in San Antonio, the Maserati dealership in San Antonio, and others claiming they have the knowledge/expertise, and I will never go back - David is excellent. He also will not make you feel like an idiot, down to earth guy, with a wealth of knowledge.

So, if any of you are like I was & desperately wanted to find someone you could trust to work on your baby, @YSRJunkie definitely is the guy for me & I highly recommend him. He restored my intrigue with this fun Italian brand, at a time when I was almost ready to bail - thanks David.

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