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No offense, but I agree with siouxxxzenn. Would rather drive a Yugo (|39:1|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245) than live at my parents house and have a nice car. Ironically, I think I going to bid on it as it would be an ironic garagemate to my coupe (it's long-lost eastern-block built cousin via Fiat). I have always told myself that I would never buy a car that was more than 1/4 of my salary. That being said.

I lived in DC after college and again right after grad school and I know $65k goes pretty fast even without a housing payment (my part of the rent was only $500/month). Still blew through the rest of my takehome pretty quickly. Figuring about $4k/month takehome, depending on how much partying you're doing (and there's plenty to be had in DC), you should be fine.

I drive about 10k miles/year. My last service (18k, which was a big one) was ~$2k, "Normal" ones are about $1k. $2,500 in tires per year (2 sets of rears, 1 set of fronts). So I think I spend minimum $3,500/year for service and tires before any repairs. with the F1, estimate a clutch every other year at $4k and you're at $5500/year, which really is only $500/month. Oh, then repairs (almost forgot).

I checked into the factory extended and it sucks. It's not bumper to bumper, just selected drivetrain. Aftermarket warrantees are ~$4k/year and not worth it.

As for indy, the difference is usually only $30/hours and a good dealer usually stands behind his/her work.
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