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Yet another exhaust thread....

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I am heading to the exhaust shop for some further modifications to my system. I have the back boxes off now, and find it a little too loud at idle. So I am considering a process like this, if anyone thinks there is a better way of going about this, please do let me know as I am no expert:

1. Baseline Dyno
2. Remove center resonator
3. 2nd Dyno run
4. If the second run is higher, keep center resonator off and add round body magnaflows in place of the resonator. (I'm sure pure straight pipes will be much too loud, and am hoping the magnaflows will make things slightly quieter than the stock resonator.) If this isn't the case, I suppose I will need to chop into the straight pipes where the back boxes were, as this is the only place with room to add something else.
5. If the second dyno run is lower than the base line, then I will try to add smaller magnaflows just after the resonator where the double bends in the pipes are now.

My thinking on this sequence is that from some reading, it seems that the center resonator on cars is designed with sufficient volume to make the cat back portion of the exhaust to appear to be an open system to the engine, so I am unclear whether removing it may have adverse effects rather than positive ones on exhaust performance.

Question is, does the computer adjust instantly to the different flow characteristics of removing the resonator, etc. (Will the second dyno run show a valid difference in its results, or does it take the computer time to recalibrate?)
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I went with the Quicksilver Sport setup for my 05 CC and I love it...the sound is great and there is a noticable increase in acceleration...I am planning on removing the entire emissions system and having a set of custom headers fabbed up by Quicksilver this coming winter.
The Quicksilver Midpipe is $1360
I can attach the PDF from quicksilver if anyone wants it
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