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Greetings everyone.

I've just taken the plunge and bought myself a 2010 QP. I'm very interested in upgrading the infotainment system and as far as I can tell the XCarLink one (iPod CD changer adapter, VW iPod, Apple Carplay, Android Auto Music Link are available at xCarLink – the best place for all of your iPod car linking needs.) is pretty decent. I've seen some installations on various forums and it seems like it's a good system.

Obvioiusly it's quite pricey though and seeing as I'm very very new at this I wondered if people here would have long term usage experiences. The shop I contacted about installing the system told me to ask around if the system eg. has a tendency of triggering unrelated warning lights on the dash or other such things - as he said they've had experiences with aftermarket systems being installed that would cause unnecessary alarms and warining lights in some cases.

Are the instructions for install clear? Have people been satisfied long term with the system? Does it still hold up? I've seen that versions of this system have been around for quite a few years.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.
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