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After my 1st car a 2002 coupe, I had a very short stint in a 2006-7 Cayman S. The Cayman is a very nice car, but far from a true exotic. It only took 5mo for me to trade it in on a 2005 GS. while I was at SFFM Brad (manager) said to me I will do what ever I can to get you back in the family, now I am on my third Maserati. If your at at the right dealer it can be a very good experience, I am treated with respect even though I am not looking at Ferrari's. Only good things to say Maserati of SF sales and service, they are a big part of why I only buy my cars from them.

A 2002 Coupe GT is my 5th Maserati. Love em' or hate em' I have had one since 1982. :D
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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