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Window Roll Up Issue

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Has anyone experienced an issue with their windows not rolling up properly. I just had an issue with my passenger side window on my 2005 Coupe where the window went up at regular speed and then with maybe 4 inches left to go it would slow and inch to a stop leaving 3 inches more. Repeated pushes on the power switch button slowely moves it up. It feels like a battery going dead but it is not. Happens when car is running as well. Any ideas before I call the dealer on Monday?
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Control Module failure

Call the dealer,happened to my GS and they covered it in under warranty
Happened to me as well.

The only problems I had with my 04 Coupe were with the drivers side window after the dealer replaced the trim. At first their was too much wind noise, the dealer tightened the window track and seal. Then the window would stop short of closing. The dealer found a faulty part and replaced it. Everything works perfect now.


Your issue sounds like it was the pinch sensor, but Chris' definately sounds like the dealer should look at it. It sounds like something is binding or the motor could be going. Either way, it shouldn't be a big deal.

- Mark
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