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Why does the price depreciate so much?

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Hello Members,

40K over one year would seem alot wouldnt you think?

A slightly used 07 QP GT are selling for about 85-92K(good deal)..when the sticker on these were 130K plus.

Just wanted to see peoples thoughts on this.
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that is an easy question. past reputation of the brand. peoples miss conception of the brand. I over looked the marque until i learned that ferrari owned them.

Also the price is high for a car with out the reputation of being highly reliable.
like Mercedes with has the rep but does not deserve it.
Few comments:

Ferrari does not own Maserati, Fiat does.
Maserati and Ferrari are no longer formerly linked operationally.
Maserati does still purchase its engines from Ferrari

and on the question of reputation: main cause, 80's/90's Bi-Turbos.
So what does all that have to do with the question of depreciation?
It was a response to a comment in the 6th post on this thread.
Few comments:

He said Ferrari "owned" Maserati, not "owns" Maserati. I will hazard a guess that he was also talking about looking at Maseratis while Ferrari still owned them.

Maserati and Ferrari are still, and will always be, "formerly linked operationally." Tricky thing, that past tense. :D
Sorry but I stand by my comment. Ferrari does not, and never has, owned Maserati. Fiat does. The fact that Ferrari had operational control over Maserati for several years does not necessarily mean that they owned Maserati. Maserati is 100% owned by Fiat and Ferrari is 85% owned by Fiat.
This is worth knowing and clearing up since I - as many people are - under the impression that Ferrari owns/owned Maserati. From above I gather that the corporate structure is that both Ferrari and Maserati are divisions of Fiat (Maserati a wholy owned subsidiary while Ferrari is a partially owned (85%) subsidiary.) Additionally, Fiat must have placed Maserati under Ferrari's "guidance" to breathe new life into the mark.

In either event, Maserati has gained under whatever level of assistance they received from Ferrari and from the current sourcing of the engines.

Are any other mechanicals strictly Ferrari ?

That's my take away. Correct ?

There is a lot of technology sharing between the two groups. Key areas being the engine, transmission, and braking systems. None of the technology in the Maseratis is "strickly" Ferrari. Maserati take the components/technology and adapts it to best fit with the different characteristics of its cars.
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