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Why does the price depreciate so much?

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Hello Members,

40K over one year would seem alot wouldnt you think?

A slightly used 07 QP GT are selling for about 85-92K(good deal)..when the sticker on these were 130K plus.

Just wanted to see peoples thoughts on this.
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Market Theory Plus

In regards to daily expense, owning an exotic car is like being married to a coke snorting stripper.
Not to change the subject, but does anyone else think this is one of the funniest (and truest) tag lines they've ever seen?!

Back on subject - Brian's comparison numbers surprised me a lot since I'd always thought that Maseratis depreciated faster than other exotics. In hindsight I realize that I based that apparent misconception on my experience with Porsches, which do hold their value, and the fact that recent generation Ferrari's (360/430) are in such high demand that they actually appreciate.

I suppose the best answer to Manny's question about Masers depreciating so quickly is "Compared to what?" -- which is Brian's point. Of course, my mother always told me never to answer a question with a question, but what it amounts to is that to the automotive public at large we drive expensive, poorly supported cars with questionable reliability, a microscopic dealer network, and exorbitant service costs. Not surprising that there isn't a strong secondary market and -- without that demand -- limited resale value/high depreciation.

But all is not lost. All the positive press the QP has been getting bodes well for both the future of the brand and will (hopefully) translate into increased demand for used Masers. Of course, by the time that happens, we'll all be driving Aston Martins....
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