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Great question Stephen.
Short answer; all of the above.
Long answer; as we all know, you can't buy a car that looks as good, drives as good, is anywhere near as fast, and has the cashet of Maserati for the price. And the sound is pure auditory porn.
For those who haven't looked at a 4200 carefully, Giugiaro is a magician with style. Many cars have wings on the back whether they need them or not. The wing on a 4200 is there, but is hidden under the rear bumper, pulling the rear down as opposed to pushing. Just one example of how the whole car is so beautifully subtle.
Yes a 4200 has a waist and hips and curves like a beautiful woman, and while they aren't difficult to drive, you must be diligent, and like a beautiful woman if you don't pay attention to her she will get away from you.
1 - 3 of 45 Posts