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which series does the MC12 race in?

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I thought it was going to make an appearence in the ALMS, but no? I'd like to watch some races at some point but not sure how listed on speed channel, as GT series?
Sorry, up to know I've only watched F1, newbie to sportscar racing.....
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It raced in ALMS last year on a "no points" basis (didn't meet the specs -too wide) but not this year. Won the FIA GT last year and racing in that series again this year. AFAIK that series isn't on Speed or any of the other usual suspects.
And here's the report on the French race @ Paul Ricard last weekend from Italiaspeed:

"Maserati travelled to the first French round FIA GT Championship with high hopes of building on their victory in the Spa 24 hour race, but it almost came to nothing when the lead Maserati MC 12 was involved in an accident before the race even started.

Rear-ended during the warm-up lap, the Vitaphone team were shocked to see their car enter the pits, rather than line-up for the start, trailing body work and rear suspension. Remarkably, the team rebuilt the body and suspension in time for the Maserati to start the race from the pit lane and Biagi and Davies then put on an epic recovery drive to finish on the third step of the podium."
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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