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Where is the horn on the QP?

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I love everything on my 07 QP... everything except the horn.

I had the same problem with my F40, so I replaced the horn a few years ago with a two-tone air horn. Now she-ah sound-ah Italian!

But before I start removing engine shroud, where is the horn located in the QP (not the horn BUTTON, the actual horn).
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no Clue

They also have the Hella electric horns. They are LOUD. At least 2 - 3X louder that the horn in my coupe. I have not heard the air horn before. Cal them, they have always been very helpful to me. If it sounds like the horn from my 355 I will get one. I think the car needs something that does not sound like it came from Detroit.
If you did not know, decibels use a logrythmic(spell) calculation so every ten decibels you can count on the sound doubling in intensity.
20dB to 30dB = 2x
20dB to 40dB = 4x

Here is what the description says:
"139 dB at 4 feet, 115dB at 6 feet"

I found this link that puts things into perspective. 115dB is somewhere between a power saw and pain.
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