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Looking at a 4pack(20mm front 25mm rears) . On Ebay as new at $249.00. I'ce seen the FD's and HR's and both are considerably more money. I've read about the quality of both but the price difference is very big.

Anybody have experience with this brand?

For the guys who have used them, my concerns are suspension geometry changes. Granted there will be a small lateral increase in traction with a wider stance. Car designers spend a great deal of time dialing in handling characteristics with suspension geometry. MY concerns are toe in, camber and also wheel bearing wear with the load further out.

How have wheel spacers changed the performance for those who have them?
If you are going to do spacers go with something more reputable. Personally I think the spacers complete the proper stance for the car, the wheels seem to be too deep in the wheel wells without them. Having said that I went with HR spacers and when you consider that it's an additional piece of metal holding the wheel to the car spending the extra $35 per wheel to have something that has been properly engineered seems like a no brainer.
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