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What wax do you use?

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Anyone here recommend a good wax to use? I am looking for something thick so any road rocks will chip off the wax and not my paint.

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I'm applying the full package of, I only can
recommend those products, easy to apply, even easier to get it away gives your car a fine and glossy wet look kind of appearance.

protection is also very good!

use quick detailer or the NXT tech wax.

never tried but it seems to
be the best stuff on the market WW, although hell of expensive.

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Depends on how hard you want to work??

I have been using Zaino on my cars for years. White Coupes, Silver Coupes and a Black Escalade.

I recently began applying it using an orbital buffer with velcro pads... Its super easy and much faster than by hand.

I am sort of a detail nut and I will spare you all the details and steps I go through and have tried... Instead just check out:

Read the reviews and try the products you feel will work best on your car.

I used all the Meguiars three step products. The shine was great but did not last long... I discovered Zaino through a car show and have never looked back. There are many products just as good as far as shine, depth and wetness... But IMO none that LASTs as long. You can get away with a few coats of Zaino every 6 - 8 months.

Just remember the basics. Your paint cleaning and polishing are the most important steps. Wax or sealant is the final application. If you wax or seal paint with marks, blemishes, swirls not polished out, the type of wax or sealant will not make any difference...

To answer your question, I am not aware of any wax that will prevent rock chips. I have noticed at the dealership they offer a protective clear sticker like application on our cars.. It seems to work, but looks just ok. And its over 1,000.00....

Good luck. cM
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I happen to be a Wax garage has about 20 different kinds of waxes..

the only one I have not tried but want to is Zaino...

of the 20 or so I have on hand, including the Meguires....I like the Klasse All in gives a deep glossy wet look and is by far the easiest wax to apply and remove. I call it the lazy mans wax.

I waxed my Spyder last week with Meguires Gold Class, and for comparison sake did one half of the hood with Klasse, the other half with Meguires...the Klasse was clearly smoother, mirror like.
zearnold said:
Anyone here recommend a good wax to use? I am looking for something thick so any road rocks will chip off the wax and not my paint.

i dont think any wax can protect your car from road rocks.......
zearnold said:
Anyone here recommend a good wax to use? I am looking for something thick so any road rocks will chip off the wax and not my paint.

I can't think of any wax short of strapping a bunch of 8 inch round decorative wax candles to your front bumper and hood which will protect your paint from rocks.

Cant fault Zaino, fully synthetic, lasts ages and amazing shine.

Use it on all my cars.
I've used Zymol ( Carbon on my black Esprit and my dark blue Audi, the Jaguar formula on my Jag and before that the Saab formula on my Aero with fantatic results. We've even used Zymol Japon on the wife's (former) Honda minivan. Just ordered "Titanium" for her new SUV.

Zymol formulates its wax for the type of paint as the Europeans use different paint then the US and Japanese. I'll use Zymol's "Ital" on the Maserati when I find one. I have a full kit that we simply add the necessary waxes too.

Hey if they put the stuff on Pebble Beach Concours winners year after year, it's probably good enough for me! I buy it from Chuck Bennett of Emmons Coachworks ( in Virginia.

Mark "Feff" Pfeffer
Here's a strange response for you: I have had my Coupe almost 13 months, and have put nearly 8000 miles on it, in all kinds of conditions and weather...and have yet to wax it. I wash it only with high-pressure detergent and water, and always chamois it dry. I have never put a sponge, brush, or washcloth to it, including the wheels. And the finish looks beautiful still. It is garage-kept during the evening, but exposed to the elements during the day. Even the wheels clean beautifully without scrubbing - the brake dust doesn't bond like it does on my other cars.

Go figure.

I think I'll get it waxed at the end of the summer once I find a detailer I can trust...
I can give you guys my personal recommendation, which is a (non-mainstream) product manufactured by Bilt-Hamber. Provides a great finish with superb protection.

Available in Europe, thou (maybe they ship overseas) and worth a try if you want something beyond out-of-the shelf products (such as Meguiars, Zymol, Swissol and the likes).

Check on


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I too am currently using Zaino, and before that, Malm's, who makes a wonderful ultra-fine polish I use to spot clean a particular area. I discovered somewhat by accident, though, a wax called Collinite that was applied to my car by my first encounter with a detailer. Typically, I have a, "pro," polish/clean the paint about once per year, then I apply wax at varying intervals in between. Anyway, the Collinite has proved to be the most protective and longest lasting of any product I've tried. Those of us who live in South Florida get alot of bug splats on our paint, many of which will actually eat the paint if not removed immediately. With Collinite, the dried bug residue washed off with a hose's normal water pressure. I never experienced that before. Although I haven't bought a can for myself, I've noticed it for sale here and there and it's not very expensive. As for gloss, I don't think it is quite the wet mirrored look of the Zaino and others, but boy does it protect.
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I was wondering if anyone has used both Zaino and Klasse. I have used Klasse All-In-One. The deep shine is amazing. I know people swear by Zaino. I was curious if anyone has ever compared the two.
Geez I'm going to have to wear a bag on my head

I use Mothers' Clay Bar 2-3 times a year, followed by Meguiar's Glaze

Wash with Mr.Clean Ion gun as needed and Wax with Mothers' Carnuba about once a month.
i think mothers carnauba is very good. I have a few older cars that I use it on. A bit of work especially on my 1973 Buick Electra 225. But it makes waxing the Alfa Spider feel like a breeze ;p
Zaino. I like the way it build depth as you add the 4th & 5th coast.
zaino as well but am going to try carnauba. has anyone used carnauba in conjunction with any kind of silicon base wax like zaino?
Hello, new here, but I use Zymol cleaner wax followed by Mothers Carnauba.
In between, after every wash(once a week.) I use Meguiar's Final Inspection.
ZAINO, there is nothing I would even consider using besides it for how cheap it is.
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