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Hi, I hope someone can help as I am a Maserati virgin, but looking to "get in the club".
I am considering buying a 3200 GTA as a weekend/fun car, but i really don't know what to look for. I guess the first question is, should I buy one, or will it be more trouble than it is worth ? Of course I have heard all the horror storeis about Maserati's not being reliable etc, but surely they cant be that bad ? My friends say that I should get a used Porsche Boxster instead, but that is sooooo common and just doesnt do it for me.
So, if I am looking at a 2000-ish 3200 GTA, what should I look for ? What are the running costs going to be like ? (I would only do about 5000 miles a year in at at most). Is there any major works that needs to be done on the engine etc that I shoudl watch out for ?
I live in Hampshire in the UK, so can anyone reccomend any good independent dealers that may be able to help?
Thanks for your help......
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