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I may have the answer...

I've just bought a Granturismo S and have spent quite a bit of time trying to work this out as the manual isn't clear. There are two types of USB socket. The basic one which comes with all cars is the USB Recharge Socket (symbol like a rectangle with a pair of brackets in it) - this just recharges ipods etc but nothing else.

The alternative which is an option (comes if you order bluetooth) is USB Full Socket. This has the usual USB symbol beside it (a bit like a trident). This enables you to play music via the USB setting on the screen...OR to download USB memory sticks (& MP3 players) onto the Jukebox.

BUT it doesn't work with iPods - perhaps it is because of the DRM protection? It only seems to work with unprotected MP3 players. So I downloaded a piece of software which converts my iTunes tracks to MP3. I then put these onto a very large memory stick, stuck it in the Maser USB and selected 'copy' on the screen...and (eventually) got all the music on the Maser hard drive + titles etc.

It took ages (several nights) to convert the iTunes tracks (used It also takes ages for the Maser to take the stuff off the memory stick - it doesn't tell you it is doing it either - you just have to wait.

Hope this is some help
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