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The title says it all. . .A friend of mine got a new Gran Turismo today and took me for a ride. All I can say is that the car is breathtakingly beautiful. Larger than I pictured, and yet, it feels smaller inside. Back seat is large and usable. Maserati blue with tan leather interior and blue piping. The carpet is dark blue, almost black, as is the dash. . .At first glance, in his garage, it looked black, but once outside, it was a very dark blue.

One thing that the magazines and internet doesn't portray very well is the lines. This car looks so much better in person than in photos.

Funny things I noticed. . .the wheel wells have a felt like material, or like outdoor carpet instead of some metal material. Also, the wheels are large. . .I think they're 20's. . .P Zero tires and they're 30's. . .Extremely wide and larger than life. . .yet, they fit the car well.

Driving. . .He drove around in automatic all day. . .even though he does have the F1 shifters on the wheel, he doesn't use them. The automatic shifter is very smooth and as good as anything on the market.

Downers. . .few. . .1) Doesn't feel as sporty as the Coupe Cambiocorsa;
2) Not quite as fast. Of course, this is more of a true GT, and has all the real world sportiness that you'll ever need.

His car doesn't sound as good as mine, but I've got a tubi. . .I need to talk him into one.

My friend has had an Aston Martin DB9 (nothing but problems), and currently has a Porsche Carrera GT and Cayenne Turbo. He thinks the new Gran Turismo is the best looking car on the road at any price. After seeing it in person, I'd have to agree.
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