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Well, Did I miss anything to replace???

Today I had the dealer add a new Clutch, F1 pump, F1 relay and new 'T' handle switch ( the only thing that the dealer will pay for. On the way to the dealer my thought was get the title and sell this car ASAP ( 2004 coupe, loaded Dark blue 20k miles and factory new looking) Just got it a few weeks ( Trans light came on the day I got it so I didn't drive it more then a mile or so . It was shipped to my house from a dealer in TX. Anyway on the way to the dealer ( Waited 3 weeks for my appointment )I took it up to 6500 rpms in 2nd. Well thats all it took to confirm I did the right thing by selling the C5 Corvette Z0-6 and passing on the Porsche. The sound of the motor is something else..... Like my bill is going to be.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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