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Well, bought a quattroporte...

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as i had talked about before, my dad and i went to the mas dealer to look at the coupe... he liked it but wasn't overly impressed with it... but then he saw the quattroporte..fell in love with it... thats the one he said... since our dealer has two out of three spots open to order this car, i think we will be filling one of them. he loved the ride, the looks, the sound, the performance was ok...

one thing he didn't like was the F1 tranny..he likes smooth shifts. this thing was sorta on the rough side for him, but i explained that it is a manual with auto option... he going to learn how to drive with the paddle shift.

but as far as options. im pretty sure it will be either be the sparkly black or the rossa bologne. of course i will add some nice 20's with a deep dish on them and tinted windows. interior will be two tone with black and maroon. stiching will match ext color, piping with match interior. the aluminum dash panels. suede headliner. heated power seats on all 4 corners. xenons, skyhook if they offer it. then i'll try and get the Tubi exhaust if they offer it... and the big brake kit... im prolly missing something, but im soo excited!!! i have not seen one of these in MN besides the one at the dealer!!!

soo.....any problems with this car soo far??? i know its new, just came out in 04' right? so the time and quantity of these cars out on the streets is minimal but any feedback on problems, etc...

thanks for listening guys...
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It has gotten wonderful reviews in magazines and was featured on TV (I forget which show). As you stated the car is very new so there isn't really a lot of information about their longevity. I hope the car works out really well for you. It is an awesome way to haul lots of people at high rates of speed!
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