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water leak in footwell

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Guys.. anyone ever had a leak of water into the footwell? :confused:

it's definitely not rain... as it's been 80 degress here in the uk this week.. shock horror! it's summer here! :) So it must be air-conditioning water or something.. any experience of this?
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I have read on af errari message boards about condenser drain tubes getting clogged. I would call your dealer and ask them if they have heard of this happening before. I bet they will know how to take care of it quickly.

Here is a link to that discusses a problem similar to your except the car in question is a 575M. 360 owners have reported the same thing. The good news is it most likely won't be an expensive fix.

On a side note I will be pulling for England to do well in the World Cup. They have a great team. I am looking forward to watching them saturday morning in the U.S. - Perfect morning: F1 Qualifying live, then England in their World Cup opener in High Def.
Thanks for the link - HSBC internet police have banned me from accessing that site (wierd) so I will have to read it when I get home..

The dealer has confirmed that they think it's likely to be the condenser hose being kinked or blocked, or squashed by the heater box.. but they reckon it's a two week job! (thank god it's under warranty) I was hoping I could get in behind the dash and fix it myself quickly but I guess that's looking unlikely ! (unless anyone has tried it please advise)

Thanks for the support! We are always saying it's our World Cup Chance this time round... we always live in hope.. ;)

Looking forward to seeing the Silverstone GP though.. looks interesting.
If you ever get water dripping in to the passenger footwell during a rainy spell it could be due to blocked drainage holes in the shelf between wipers and engine compartment!
A good test is to throw a bucket of water over the windscreen and listen -you should hear the water pouring and glugging down through the drainage holes at a rapid rate. If not then the holes are blocked.

Advice from my dealer... don't park under trees in autumn (fall) ... my advice to dealer... I don't!
Don't even try.........

My first c/c had water dripping into the passenger footwell, the carpet would get soaked.

I spent ages trying to figure out where it was coming from and taking various parts out and eventually got as far as finding that the slot for the pollen filter had back filled with water.....

Took it to the dealers who kept if almost a week whilst they sorted it out - they confirmed that it was a blocked drainage hole at the bottom of condenser.

Not a common problen but certainly one they are aware of.

Toodle Pip !!
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