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Water Ingestion issue

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What is this water ingestion issue I see on some threads. Still nearing my first maserati purchase. I read one thread that seemed like if you went through a puddle at high speed there could be a problem. Also one thread said something about if you take a turn to fast something leaked. Obviously, I am not an automotive expert but if I could get some clarification on these issues so I make sure to avoid problems if I can, I would like to. Thanks in advance for your help.
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The air filter is behind the front bumper on the drivers side, its "sitting" low, between the headlight and the wheel. Some people mentioned a problem, when that part is submerged, it may take in water and block the engine. My GS has a casing which covers the underneath part of the filter and its very well screwed there, maybe this is an issue with older models?

About the leaking when cornering hard, this happens on my GS and upon further investigation i discovered that the washer fluid may overspill from the breather hole and the smell is carried inside, thus the "hint" of smell. Nothing to worry about. Actually, my mechanic suggested to put a bit less washer fluid, so it never reaches the top to spill.

Which model are you going to buy?
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