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Water Ingestion issue

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What is this water ingestion issue I see on some threads. Still nearing my first maserati purchase. I read one thread that seemed like if you went through a puddle at high speed there could be a problem. Also one thread said something about if you take a turn to fast something leaked. Obviously, I am not an automotive expert but if I could get some clarification on these issues so I make sure to avoid problems if I can, I would like to. Thanks in advance for your help.
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I would not worry too much about the air intake. Just be aware that the intake is low to the ground as illustrated in the excellent post above and don't drive at speed into water of unknown depth. I did have an experience with this and luckily the engine just stalled. I had no business driving any car at the time as our street is prone to flooding at high tide so really my own fault.
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