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Water in EPB Area

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Another thread about water in the little electronic parking brake area in the trunk.

The previous owner flex sealed that black bump out cover for the spare tire but it seems as though water is still making it's way down there. Found about 1 inch wide area of standing water underneath that horizontally long silver piece that branches out to each wheel.

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I probably got a little too involved in the dark at 8PM tonight but I wanted to start to make some headway into the issue. I ended up pulling out a lot of interior panels and started to follow the wetness. You can actually see the water drops on the metal floor from my testing next to the battery above my drill. Noticing first that the flat part of the right panel (the floor of where the battery sits) was damp feeling so I pulled that out and put it in the garage to dry while I worked. I come back 15 minutes later to find that a decently size pool of water oozed out of it. That spongy, spotty looking material did just that, soak up all the water. More on that later.

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I poured some water down the back window and waited for it to take it's way down into the trunk area. It took a minute or two and slowly it started to drip from an area above the battery, circled in red.
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Closeup of the bead of water below:
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And a look down the inside of that panel to where the water would travel and drip down from.
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Another view straight into that little cavity up towards the passenger side C pillar.
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Tried to shove my face up there to look but it was too tight so I had my phone up there in one hand and flashlight in the other to get these shots. Unfortunately, it didn't give me a very good idea where the water could be entering the body from. The plastic tray that surrounds the trunk lid is all cracked and is super brittle so I'm assuming that's likely the cause, unless one of you has a suggestion as to where the water may be entering and where I can start trying to water proof.

Some additional investigating revealed that the EPC cable, the one that runs from the area behind the rear seats to the EPB itself was soaked. My theory is that the water enters the trunk from above the battery, drips down to the interior panel soaking and spreading through that spongy material, to the EPB cable where it provides a path down to the spare tire area. Path drawn below:
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I'm praying someone here has some idea of where the water may be entering so I can patch it up. I gave up looking since it got too dark but left all the panels off with a towel draped over the battery so I can continue digging tomorrow. Thanks!


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The first thing you need to do is drill a few 1/4" holes in the plastic pan so if it happens again it doesn't soak your EPB unit...Obviously, look where you are drilling... Jason
The first thing you need to do is drill a few 1/4" holes in the plastic pan so if it happens again it doesn't soak your EPB unit...Obviously, look where you are drilling... Jason
Are there any unwanted side effects to doing this? Can water get sprayed into this compartment through the holes when driving in the rain? Is the area where the would the water drip out to safe? Are there any sensitive wires or modules underneath this plastic piece?
No, you need to look before you drill...We do this on several models of cars with water issues..Better to drill holes then wipe out ECUs...No water is just jumping up and entering those small holes...You pick the lowest area and make sure you are not drilling into anything...Jason
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My 2007 QP had such a leak. I solved it by spraying plenty of rust-proofing oil along the seam (from inside) between the wheel arch and the outer body panel (right-hand side was leaking, but I did it on the left-hand side also). Completely dry after that! I found the suspected leak by noticing that road dust had accumulated along the sam.
Interesting, so in your case water was collecting due to the tires kicking up rainwater?

With my car, I’m getting water coming through while the car is static so I’m going to assume it’s coming from the trunk’s deck lid or maybe the seal between the rear window and the trunk. Haven’t formulated a plan yet but that’s good insight to take a closer look at the seams.

Thank you!
Mine was from the rear window. Push against it from inside. If it lifts off you found it. It won't leak standing still. It's when youre driving in the rain, air pressure lifts window slightly to allow water in, it rolls right down and drops to epb area
I’ll check the rear window using the method you described but mine it’s definitely leaking even while static.
If so, try a garden hose once you've removed all the carpeting from the trunk. Other thing to check is the 2 vents in the quarter panels but those would leak in while driving. Check the trunk seal, make sure the wires aren't preventing a full close against the gasket
I think I’m going to try and spray some sort of sealant into the body cavities which I pictured while as the same time, maybe covering the trunk’s deck lid with flex seal in case any seams there have deteriorated over time.

I’ll report back once complete.

Separate question - do the drains for the sun roof go thru the trunk? If the tubes run through the area it may be with also checking.
you have deteriorated seams lol, how bad is the car? I can see the trunk gasket with possible damage but if there is any damage to the metal frame of the trunk, that's another story. There is a bunch of stupid flash tape that seems to do nothing and is deteriorating between trunk gasket and rear window, that doesn't actually do anything, I would just clean it off.
It’s weird, has been raining on and off last night and today but everything seems pretty dry, didn’t actually check the EPB area tho. Frustrating
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