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To All:
Some of us have expended both time and effort to try to locate and verify a reputable alternative to the "no forthcoming factory warranty" a situation that we all will ultimatly face. It's clear that I have offended some of those that really believe that the "factory" will be there for us. I, for one, Will proceed with a alternative course of action. I am thankfull for this forum where all can voice their opinions....but like any forum, opinions differ.
To my friend in N Calif. "Demoe", thanks for your support and Wisdom. I'am ordering insurance tomorrow.
I guess I'm just not as afflluent as some of the other members that can afford to take a risk.... "just get'in by"

END OF THREAD!!!!!!!!!!
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When does your factory warranty end??

If not right away, can you see if we get some interest on a group buy?

if not, I understand, I don't think many here are interested based on the lack of responses and views of these threads....

good luck, I will be following you me it really is a no-brainer, labor rates out here are $100-$140 per hr.....
Just for information - there were no extensions available from Maserati in the UK for a while, although dealers were assured by Maserati there would be an extended warranty option. Even although it took our friends in Italy some time to get their paperwork sorted they did honour this. I ended up buying a 12 month warranty from Maserati - and they kept the car in warranty through the 3 months delay in processing paperwork for no charge!

As you may expect these warranties were rather over-priced (approx $3000 US for 12 months) and they are NOT comprehensive (so only major mechanicals are covered!)
Do these extensions cost the same on all MAS coupes in the UK? I heard the E46 M3 warrenty costs 10% the value of the car once it tops 100000 miles?

Id imagine its about the same for the early 3200s
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