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Hi Guys,

First time here, I own a 08 Granturismo had no issues for a long time. But this morning when I start up the car there is a warning light saying my front left tire is low and message "do not drive" (something like that I don't actually remember). I checked the left front tear it seems fine so I drive the car anyway. After 45 mins drive, the suspension light is on saying go to dealer and so does ESP light is on. Meanwhile on the dash it tells me "TPMS not calibrated, Execute calibration". All the sudden I got three lights on(TPMS, Suspension and ESP).
I went to Discount Tire have them checked my tire and recharge my left front tire to normal pressure, I execute calibration, after that no more lights and everything seems back to normal again.
Is everyone knows why it is happening like that and is my suspension actually need attention now? Or is it just a chain-react causing by the low tire pressure.
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