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Want to buy Q-Porte 1

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Looking to buy a decent Q-Porte 1, Not interested in any thing with a Chevy or other than orig. engine. Decent body, running. Anyone know of one available??
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There was a really nice one on ebay a couple of weeks ago. Same owner for 15 years or so, well kept, bla bla bla. I think the owner was pleasantly surprised when the price went over $12k as that seemed to be where he had his reserve.

I don't know if the link still works.

Not a QP1 but there is a nice Mexico on ebay right now, which seems to have the right pedigree.

Good luck.
qp 1

not running, no time too try. i have had car fou 2-3 years in side storage. was not running when aquired at new mexico auto auction. deep blue 6100 miles nice looking in and out 17500 fob lexington ky. [email protected] or 8596191441 cell any time
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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