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While hunting Lotus Europa Parts, stumbled across an assortment of vintage manuals in Houston, TX.

As many know, Maserati did not consider fancy printing a priority and these books were printed or mimeographed on simple paper. To be fair, the conditions range from good to poor, with the majority falling in the middle.

I would like to sell as one lot and keep them together. $500 and I will pay the shipping to you.

I offer a money-back guarantee if you pay return shipping to me in Houston, Texas.

I would prefer not to ship overseas.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’ll get some photos and can e-mail if requested.

Mike Barone
3322 Suffolk
Houston, TX 77027

[email protected]

List of Manuals:

3500 GT
1962 Parts Catalogue – factory printed
1962 Parts Catalogue – older reproduction

AM 107
Instruction Manual – factory mimeograph

Indy AM 116
1971 Use and Maintenance Manual
Instruction Manual – factory mimeograph

Indy AM 116 4200, 4700 & 4900
1975 Use and Maintenance Manual

AM 117
1972 Use and Maintenance Manual

1972 Parts Catalogue – possible factory mimeograph
1972 Parts Catalogue – older reproduction
1973 Factory literature; 14 copies
1973 Factory literature – reprints from January Motor Trend Magazine; 2 copies

Merak AM 122
1979 Use and Maintenance Manual
Parts Catalogue – older reproduction

1980 Owner’s Manual

1984 Service Manual – very incomplete
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