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I've asked questions about this before, but finally got down to replacing the Valve Solenoid, Mas Part No. 296016. So far so good, the Check Engine warning isn't coming back and it passed emissions (Utah, USA). Reading around and watching YouTube, some claim that's the first thing to try and it worked for me, for now. And I'm driving it hard to keep the oil pumping, which is fun and the way it's supposed to be! The job took about 4 hours.
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There is a decent YouTube now, probably mentioned by others but here is the link. I just removed the right-hand side cam cover and replaced the solenoid (from Scuderia) and gaskets. The video has the guy putting yarn through the holes to hold the gasket in place when you put the cam cover back on, I used dental floss and it comes right out, slippery as can be! He said it took an hour to get his bits of yarn out of there. So remember to floss.

Video is from "Robert DIY" and he is really pretty good. Except for the yarn-string. He has several videos on this so check them out.

How to remove the right side valve cover on the 4.2L V8 engine Maserati GranTurismo, Part 4 or 5.

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