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V12 Quattroporte

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This was posted on on 6/9/2005. I disagree with his opinion of the F1 Transmission. Anyone that drives the car for any length of time and actually likes to drive ends up enjoying the transmission. Does everything have to feel like a LS430?

Dear 001,

Upgraded Maserati to get Ferrari 575M Maranello sourced V12 to spice up Quattroporte ...

The last thing Ferrari did for Maserati before selling it off to Alfa Romeo was to fund a number of upgrades to the old Quattroporte saloon, the biggest being the inclusion of a detuned version of the Ferrari 575's V12 motor displacing 5.7-litres and developing some 500-bhp. Thankfully it will also be attached to a conventional 6-speed gearbox, abandoning the horrible F1-style unit that so many luxury car buyers despise. Other updates to this cute saloon are minimal.

Expect it in the stores soon guys!

Molto Mario
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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