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Hey guys....I'm upsizing to the quattroporte (growing family -- need functional back seats), but think I'm going to sell my 05 GS first. It's tough to get a sense as to true market value with such limited volume.

Car is mint, Nero with Mercury rims and yellow piping/calipers. 8k miles, all books etc, never tracked (shame on me.) While I realize this is highly subjective, I really think the colors are great for the car, and very desireable to a general audience.

My thought is to put it on ebay in April or May, and what I'm seeing on Autotrader and is the high $70's to low $80's for most of these. The only one I've seen under $70k has 22,000 miles, and low $70k cars have less than desirable color combinations.

My thought is to try use a "buy it now" of $74,900. Has anyone purchased a used 05 GS lately? If so, is this in the range of what you looked at?

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