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UK Gransport Blu Mediterraneo

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Delivered to me 8 April 2005

UK specification, including Skyhook

Blu Mediterraneo
Blu Navy Leather
Grigio Nickel Technical Cloth
19” Trofeo Wheels Ball Polished
Red Callipers
Xenon Headlamps with Washing System
Rear Park Sensors
GPS Satellite Navigation and GSM Phone
Auditorium 200 HiFi
6 CD Changer
Heated Front Seats with Driver Memory

I have some pictures, but it turns out they're too big to attach here - to follow.

No time to drive today (in the hail) so reports on that to follow too.

:D :D
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Well I hope everyone is enjoying the pictures.

I have now driven about 180 miles and I have to say that those initial first drive nerves are long gone. The car is a joy to drive. Very smooth and comfortable, lots more room than a 996 (baby seat fits fine in the back), and boy does it cause a stir wherever it goes.

I started in normal mode thinking I’d take it easy for a while but stuck it in sport mode after about 15 minutes and have not gone back. The noise as you park up is quite something, but you wait until the revs rise….

I am keeping it under 5000 revs for the first 600miles as recommended by the book, but it’s no hardship really. The only tricky bit is pulling out quickly at a junction, especially when turning right, when juggling wheel, paddles and right foot is not yet natural and that particular gear shift does need some work with the right foot. Other changes are easy to do smoothly and it’s all becoming second nature much faster than I expected.

The car itself is utterly gorgeous. A few wrinkles with some spots of glue inside and too much wrapping left around the base of the seats etc. Also some funny discolouration on the Maserati badge at the back which I will keep an eye on.

There’s too much wind noise too, but pressing the buttons “up” for the windows abolishes much of that - so that leads me to worry whether there is a proper seal after I exit the car (the windows drop when you open the door and go back up as you shut it) - I’ll have to wait for the first downpour to see, I guess.

The ride is very good and not too harsh in sports mode. It’s lapping up my country roads into town and that will only get better of course. On the main roads there’s a lot of low down torque in top, which I didn’t expect, and when stuck in traffic it’s quite happy trundling along, thrumming with potential (and turning those heads).

Overall? WOW! And, I know it’s just going to keep on growing on me…
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Thanks for sharing. I love the Blu Mediterraneo, which is my favourite of the Maser range. I did notice that your steering wheel is on the wrong side tho :p
Nearly finished running in (550/600 miles) and have pretty much got the hang of the gear shifting. I'm looking forward to being able to hold the gears and get those revs up higher. The noise is stupendous. Have to keep in a slightly lower gear than you might want when trundling along in traffic to avoid exhaust boom at around 1800-2000 revs (i.e. not put it into sixth until doing about 45mph, and drop down to fourth if under 30mph). My first calculation of mpg is 15.5 for the last 245 miles. Better than one might expect - but I have been taking it pretty easy compared with what is just around the corner... :twisted: I have seen 110 once and the car felt rock solid.

Baby seat now in the back as I am about to start the nursery run in the mornings when wife gives up work in a week for #2 due in 4 weeks. (Still plenty of room in the Cayenne Turbo.) Had a large friend in there too and there's plenty of space.

No gripes at all, except for the discolouration on the badge on the back (strange).

I'll be happy to try to answer any questions if anyone's got something they are interested in.
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U know, till this day I have yet to sit in the rear seats.
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