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Dear Members,

I appreciate that this topic has been cooked to death, but just to add a bit more to the stew.

I had the TubiStyle muffler system installed on my '02 CambioCorsa recently. The Tubi is AWESOME. Anyone with any sporting tendencies will enjoy this upgrade from the stock system. The only time the resonant frequency of the Tubi could be considered intrusive in my opinion is at idle (which, incidentally, is one's first experience with it, which I initially found daunting....don't worry).

The 2000-3000 rev range is where I find it makes most of it's noise, and what a wonderful noise it is. Have you ever read a review of a car that refers to the noise made by an engine as sounding like tearing silk? This is what the Tubi sounds like in that range. If you prefer some quiet driving instead, simply downshift so that the revs exceed that range, which produces a noise just slightly louder than stock. While expensive, it is the most satisfying upgrade to my car thus far, so much in fact that I listen to the radio about 1/4 of the time now, preferring instead the mechanical music.

I recommend the Tubi without reservation.

On a separate matter, I saw my first Quattroporte this weekend. Gloss black. WOW! Probably the best looking four door on the planet.

Be Safe,

Frankie P
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