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Tubi on Spyder - any before/after vids/sounds?

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Hi everyone

Like most owners on this site, I've started thinking about getting a Tubi installed, but here in the UK the main Ferrari/Maserati franchisee doesn't supply the systems directly - they have a partner organisation who does it, but that means that there are no readily available demo cars.

I've been told that if I get the system fitted and don't love it, they'll remove it immediately and refund the money... and I've seen/heard some of the interesting videos of various cars with Tubis installed, and they do sound good.

What would be ideal, though, is a direct comparison of the system vs the stock exhaust, ideally on the same car but side by side comparisons of two cars at the same time would still be valuable.

Does anyone know of such a video?



PS - if I go ahead and order the exhaust, I'll make sure I do a before/after shot myself ;-)
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shifter said:
If you glance down the forum topics here, you'll find sound files. As for looks, the stock tips on mine were better looking only because they had a better polish job on them and had a better quality cut/weld job. The Tubi I have had some scratches on the tips where the weld was ground off. Not bad, but I noticed a difference.

The sound can't be beat and easily makes me overlook the quality of the tips. The only other small issue I have is that I seem to get a carbon paste build up on my rear valence immediately under the tips. Not 100% sure why, but with the Tubi exhaust it seems more condensation/water exits the exhaust than with the stock set-up, and the Tubi tips are a bit shorter.
Thanks Shifter - I've seen a few videos (esp the excellent vid that Swiss-Maserati posted) & heard some sounds, but I haven't come across a direct comparison of how the sound differs, especially on the same car or on different cars but in the same environment.

I guess I'll need to take a leap of faith :)

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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