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Tubi on Quattroporte

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Getting the QP fitted with a Tubi on Friday, the dealers have said it will sound similar to a 612.

I've seen one video of M's car starting up but i've not heard one in real life, does anyone have any other videos/sound clips of a QP with a tubi? I'm just hoping for more volume. :D

Does £1850 + Vat, inc vitting seem like a reasonable price?
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I put a Tubi on my QP Sport GT and is sound AMAzzzzzing....
the engine of a 'sport gt' is in fact calibrated a slightly different

heres a video of Tubi on a standard QP...

best of lucck.

drive safe.

ps. when in tunnels roll the windows down and downhift

(i do it every time)
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4k .. gone

Hey M...

That video cost me almost $4000
The mrs. thanks you too... I'm sure

I'll try and get a flyby video posted up by friday...
i have a whole week with nothing planned

kinda cheesey but i did it real quick... my camera was dying the whole time...

enjoy. Drive safe

1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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