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Tubi installation is easy!

Buy secondhand if possible and save tons of money. You can always get your money back. Tubi does two types Race (too loud) and Sport (highly recommended).

Either fit em yourself or ask a exhaust place guy. Dont beleive the dealer crap about them having to take the rear bumper off etc..

20 min job! Take the rear wheels off and unscrew some of the inner well screws and its a simple thing. Be careful not to scratch the bumper where the exhaust pipes stick out. I used lots of bubble wrap.

Its much better on a ramp and an extra pair of hands. I was quoted 3 hours labour from independent but got it done for £20 and I was so happy I gave him an extra £20! I was worried about the check engine light coming on afterwards but thank God I was OK.

It sounds Awsome!!!I kept the stock exhausts for when I wanted to sell my car.

The Tubis new are around £1800.(IF you get them direct then you will save tons). You can get some cheaper but different makes from German ebay. I dont know how they sound or if you may encounter any fitting problems.

Good Luck!!
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