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Hey all! I am trying to find out where to tap into the factory audio system in the maser. I know CardiffGiant has an Audiocontrol unit tapped into his system to gain the necessary preouts for his audio upgrade...where is this unit tapped into? I was looking at some of my parts manuals and diagrams it appears that the auditorium amplifier sits behind the battery...and uses a single plug to cover inputs and outputs for the system...My question is do all of the masers have this plug? i would think that they would have a standardized chassis harness which would include this reason for asking is you could access everything necessary to setup a stereo system from this plug and the battery in the same compartment...which would make for a VERY clean install...I am trying to get the car prepped for SEMA/CES so I really want to hit the ground running on this deal...also when the battery is disconnected for a long time do you lose the key programing?
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