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Trident Emblem

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Hey Everybody,

I have an 03 Coupe and I have seen a lot of the Coupes with Silver Trident emblems near the gas cap and on the same location on the opposite side of the car. Does anybody know where I can buy a set of these?

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(Ferrari/Maserati of Orange County, CA) about 2-3 years ago. Picked them up from the Parts Department (ask for Chris Anderson). At the time, they cost me $35.00 each. They were a breeze to install. They are a double-sided tape; just peel off the protective layer and press on. FMOC will also mail the items to you if you put the purchase on a credit card. They DO have a VERY NICE look to them.

This is absolutely correct! I just purchased a pair from the dealer this week for $70, and have an appointment to have them install it next week :)
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