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track day prep?

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What do y'all do to prep the car for a track day? I've done tons of trackdays on the bikes but none in the cage...seems like you just show up with a helmet? I don't have to tape up anything or replace coolant or anything?

Anything not required, but recomended?

There's one on the 7th; I get back into town on the 6th, so I'd like to get anything I need done beforehand.
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squid said:
Doom? That's my back yard. I live in can see the Pasadena mountains in the background.
My condolences. ;)
maserati of minneapolis said:
a car came through a couple of years ago that had an awesome license plate:

Coolest license plate ever.

I have always wanted BURNIN8... but I vanity plates dont come free, and I could never live up to IDDQD
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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