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track day prep?

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What do y'all do to prep the car for a track day? I've done tons of trackdays on the bikes but none in the cage...seems like you just show up with a helmet? I don't have to tape up anything or replace coolant or anything?

Anything not required, but recomended?

There's one on the 7th; I get back into town on the 6th, so I'd like to get anything I need done beforehand.
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bleed brakes, remove everything from the car. check tire pressures. check fluids bring extra oil check it after every session. have fun drive the car like u intend to drive it home. and bring something to clean windscreen as well.
ej25goddess said:
Oh, and bring brownies to use to barter for for rides in cars faster than yours...

... ok maybe that last part is something only I do... but it works. Mmm challange stradale.... mmmm....

i bring tools and brake fluid to bleed other drivers brakes. so i can DRIVE there cars. or ride in if they wont let me drive. (993 turbo)
ej25goddess said:
Those work too... and are FAR more practical.

...but the brownies work wonders when combined with boobs. Its just simple physics.
yes boobs trump all ftw.:D
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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