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track day prep?

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What do y'all do to prep the car for a track day? I've done tons of trackdays on the bikes but none in the cage...seems like you just show up with a helmet? I don't have to tape up anything or replace coolant or anything?

Anything not required, but recomended?

There's one on the 7th; I get back into town on the 6th, so I'd like to get anything I need done beforehand.
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A helmet, R-compound tires, shoes you can heel and toe in... if you have a 6 speed, oil, coolant, a tire pressure gauge, a tire pump, take everything you dont need out, leave your generously proportioned friends at home (learned this one the hard way), bring food and drinks for you, and a camera and mount if your ego needs a boost.

You can bleed your brakes before hand, in fact if you want you can put some damn good fluid in there, but be sure to bleed the crap out of them after. A track day is a good way to give your brake fluid a beating. On the BMW forums we tend to use ATE superblue, on the Subaru forums I see a lot of Motul, there are lots of options out there.

Oh, and bring brownies to use to barter for for rides in cars faster than yours...

... ok maybe that last part is something only I do... but it works. Mmm challange stradale.... mmmm....

leadfoot_mf said:
i bring tools and brake fluid to bleed other drivers brakes. so i can DRIVE there cars. or ride in if they wont let me drive. (993 turbo)
Those work too... and are FAR more practical.

...but the brownies work wonders when combined with boobs. Its just simple physics.
squid said:
Speedventures Jan 6+7 @ Streets of Willow. I'm probably 50% at this point...if I have the car back and I'm back in town and not a zombie and the planets are aligned right...I'll swing by.

Why would I bleed brakes if they're fine already? I don't touch brake fluid, I've seen what it does to plastic, nevermind skin.
You would bleed them because while they maybe fine, they could be better. Also, your brake fluid over time looses quality and therefore has a lower boiling point. By putting newer/better fluid in it, you raise the boiling point, possibly improve pedal feel, and generall reduce the chances of boiling your fluid and smushing your pedal to the floor on the track and not stoping.

That one is fun, I did it once in a Spec Miata on Laguna Seca, I simply spun the car out to stop ^_^. Drive it like you stole it... but only if you don't have to drive it home.

Also, go get your hand dirty! Bleeding brakes is not that difficult, especially if you have a pedal bitch, and its really not as evil a fluid as many people make it out to be. It does not disolve all plastics, maybe foam cups and craptastic plastic, but I usually drain my brake fluid into plastic containers... out of my plastic brake fluid reservoir, with no issues. Not to mention the fact that I have be covered in brake fluid a number of times by my own stupidity. I admit if your doing porn, and you are purpousely covering yourself in an automotive fluid, go for synthetic motor oil. However, brake fluid really isnt that bad.

Cliffs notes: Go bleed your brakes as work is good for the soul, get a crowbar to defend from zombies (saw it in Half-Life, works wonders), and the planets will be aligned correctly if you will them to be. I watched an interviwe with Depac Chopra on the daily show last night... and he said something along those lines, so go with it.
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maserati of minneapolis said:
Overall, I think the ATE is far better for what people here are using it for. It absorbs water pretty slowly, and doesn't have to be changed too often. For street and light track duty, a very good fluid. I am pretty sure the only difference between super blue and typ 200 is color. Comes in metal cans.. expensive to begin with too.

- Mark
Correct, there is a blue, and a gold, "superblue." This is convienent when flushing the system, so you know when you are pulling new fluid.

I use superblue, and love it, and there are lots of retail places that actually sell it. In the Bay Area, Edge Motorworks in Dublin, and all of the Monument Auto locations I know stock it, and it really is not that pricey at only $12 a liter online at Bavarian Autosport, vs $23 for Agip.

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maserati of minneapolis said:
I hear a chainsaw mounted to your right arm is the best for doing battle with zombies.
Or maybe he is a Zombie, and has a fear of brake fluid beacause that is a secret zombie weakness...

...then a supersoaker filled with brake fluid would be pretty sweet.

If your going doom shotgun, go big or go home. :rolleyes:

Double barrels to the extreme!
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squid said:
Doom? That's my back yard. I live in can see the Pasadena mountains in the background.
My condolences. ;)
maserati of minneapolis said:
a car came through a couple of years ago that had an awesome license plate:

Coolest license plate ever.

I have always wanted BURNIN8... but I vanity plates dont come free, and I could never live up to IDDQD
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