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bringing back from the dead in case a google search leads here:

maserati m139 m145 m156 m157 m161 oil drain plug torque is 60nm with a new gasket washer.
60nm is also the torque for dry sump drain plugs in the bottom of the block, the dry sump oil tank drain plug is "75nm", but
that seems a tad much for a smaller plug. a few firm taps to about 50-60nm seems to do it.

rear diff drain and fill plugs i believe are also around 50-60nm with new gasket washers.

calipers- generally around 100 to 105nm, blue loctite doesn't hurt. make sure you remove the correct bolts for this.

generally, all maserati vehicles run 100nm wheel lug torque.

thats just off the top of my head, i can get more common specs if needed.
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