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My wife and I finally went and drove both cars. The CL 500 was a plain vanilla cruiser. The 04 GT blew us away. We were a little intimadated at first because the car has so much power. However, the ride was incredible. We drove an automatic one and did not use the paddles. The dealer said my wife could always drive that way.

I am leaning towards the Maserati, I just want to see what my insurance company quotes me.

I sat with the dealer and we went over some maintence costs. Do these numbers sound right. He basically said the maserati will cost as much as the benz to maintain.

An oil change must be done every 6,500 miles at $260 a pop. The 30,000 and 60,000 check ups are about a grand and could be more if they have to replace anything. A clutch is about 2,000 and will last about 30,000 miles even driving in automatic. Brakes are about 300-500 per set.

What other costs am I missing? I found a beautiful Black GT 04 coupe with 19,000 miles in Chicago. It has the heated seats I want. The cost is 59,000 and it just had a tune up. Since I plan to drive and enjoy this beauty I don't care about the high miles. Let someone else pay for the depreciation.

Doesn't that deal sound too good to be true? :p

This board is great. Thanks for all you comments. CM

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Daily driver comment #2

What the dealer said sort of sounded reasonable - not quite though. I generally do not trust dealers so I would ask to see the actual warranty book if I were you that lists all your scheduled services.

The service interval for my 2003 Cambiocorsa Coupe (paddles) is 12K miles. The warranty book I received with my car (I grabbed it to answer your email) states oil is changed at 6, 18.5, 31, 43.5, 56, 68.5, 81, 93.5 and 106K miles. At the time of those regularly scheduled services, the book identifies a multitude of things that get inspected and replaced.

Now, I am driving about 15K miles a year so my service intervals are about 1 year between. If you do not drive that much, the book does explicitly state that engine oil and brake and clutch fluid should be changed once per year (irrepsective of mileage).

I do not get the oil changed every 6500 miles and wasn't aware that was the recommended interval. My manual does not indicate this. I think your dealer is either citing some Maserati Tech bulliten that I have not seen or doesn't know what he is talking about. This is a large capacity dry sump system and I couldn't imagine it needing service intervals that often.

I have now done the 6K, 18.5K, and 31K mile services and the last 2 were about $2K each. I would expect this. $1K sounds like B.S. to me if they are actually doing everything in the book (my dealer is).

This is not a car to merely change oil and go about your business. Do every service they recommend in the book. Your dealer will catch many things and the car will be reliable because of it.

Regarding the clutch, I doubt anyone drives their car harder than I do. I have always felt that the throttle should only have 2 positions, on and off, and drive my car accordingly. I drive it hard, have taken it to several track days and in 30K miles, my cambiocorsa clutch is only 25% worn. I would expect that most clutches would last more than mine. One caveat is that I don't sit in traffic a lot in this car so once I am going, I am going pretty well which might explain my clutch lasting as well as it has even though I drive like I do. By the way, you can get a great 0-60 time by holding the brakes, revving the motor, and then quickly releaasing the brakes. The clutch will smell but the car will move out. Disabling the MSP helps this as well.

Anyways, I would encourage the car, get it serviced as the book says, plan on at least $2K per service and have a blast. I love the car and do not remotely regret using it as a daily driver.

One last comment is that I always drive it in manual sport more. My wife always drives it in Auto mode. It really is a good compromise for those of us with a wife who hates to shift.
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