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To Coupe or Not to Coupe...?

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I am currently looking into buying an 04 CC Spyder or Coupe and was just wondering about what made others make the decision one way or the other.

Which way did you go and why?
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Spyder. Because driving with the top down is very fun.
California - Spyder - say no more...
Coupe. Open cars are way too noisy above 100 mph.

I also HATE all the dust that gets all over the seats, dash, console, etc. A single day of top-down parking at Starbucks, the golf club, and the grocery and you have to detail your interior again.

It's also kind of nice to have that backseat to put stuff when you need to..... we don't exactly have a roomy trunk.

There ARE days or times when the Spyder would be nice ...... perhaps get both?
Eric said:
I am currently looking into buying an 04 CC Spyder or Coupe and was just wondering about what made others make the decision one way or the other.

Which way did you go and why?
Both :) spyders are great during summer. coupes are rigid less body roll. If you are looking to beat your friends on the curves get a coupe. spyders are just for looks not very practical.
I've been in your shoes before with that question. I decided with the coupe and do not regret it. I personally think it looks sharper and gives it more of that exotic taste. The convertible is, well, a convertible :) Besides, you have more room in the coupe :p
Still undecided...

I am very torn...I am going to dealer tomorrow. Will try to test drive both. There are definite benefits to them both. Question for the spydies and coupes out well does a golf bag fit in trunk(it at all)?

I have a coupe. I like the styling of the coupe more. If you like to go to the track, you definitely want a coupe. Yes, and it is more practical. Anyway, both are nice and fun to drive.
Eric said: well does a golf bag fit in trunk(it at all)?...
80 over par after the woods were cut 3" shorter :)
coupe for me becuase i needed to put a kid or two back there. also, you can fit a hockey bag in the trunk.

Aesthetically, I feel the coupe's extra length balances off the hood and looks more complete. Good luck -- you'll enjoy either.
Ok...tested them both.

Okay so I went to the dealer today and test drove both an 04 Spyder CC and an 03 Coupe. Both where sweet and it is still very hard to choose. I was certainly new to the cambio and as such it was a bit jerky. It definitely is not a system that you just sit down in and you get it right away.

I think I am leaning towards the coupe...the extra storage room, the quieter interior, and the handling seemed crisper. It did not seem to react quite as negatively to the unforgiving roads in the northeast.

It was also the first time I saw and sat in the Grandsport. I know it really is just relatively modest tweaks to the styling but I thought the GS was beautiful. Mas really made nice tweaks to an already beautiful car. It just seems to be a bit over my current budget. If anyone finds/knows of a mint condition, low mileage, GS or 05 Corse Coupe , preferably in black. Please let me know. I have a 70K bid for an 05 and a 65K for the right 04.
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top or no top!

not even close, with global warming on us the answer is! NO TOP! evening summer cool breeze, wind lightly brushing, track fun, there is a hands down winner. for luggage buy a wagon, maybe with mules! come on we are not getting any younger, a top- down makes us preceive youth
Eric said:
I am currently looking into buying an 04 CC Spyder or Coupe and was just wondering about what made others make the decision one way or the other.

Which way did you go and why?
I have the coupe and I liked the lines on the coupe better than the spyder.
I belive the wheel base is a bit longer on the coupe.

I do miss the open top or even a sunroof on summer days.

I am also in the market for a Maser. I would choose the coupe because I would want to track the vehicle. If the car can do 180 mph then I want to be able to do just that. It is nice that I live 15 minutes from California speedway and plan to play every chance I get. I really don't think the Spyder would satisfy me as much as a coupe on the track. That being said, it is really a decision on what you are going to use it for. If you never plan to track it, then a spyder will probably be the better choice. If you are insane like me and want to take the vehicle to the limit, the coupe, or grandsport is the better option.:D

One of the mechanics at my dealership commented to me one day, with no prompting, that he preferred the coupe to the spyder because there was less "rattle" of the frame over the roads. I do not know how true that is, but it made my day as I had previously struggled over this decision and chose the coupe because of better "esthetics" of the lines and dimensions of the car plus the back seat. However, I do admit that there are days in the hot TX sun where a convertible would be a blast.
Convertible for me...

Ultimately...coupe is probably:
a) More practical ( more cargo / seating )
b) Bit tighter on poorer roads
c) Better touring car at high speeds

a) Nothing beats riding in the open an air on a beautiful day
b) There must be a reason why Maserati did not use a coupe to celebrate its
90th Anniversary.
c) Spyder better looking w/top down
d) Who cars about the storage and extra seating...this car is not about practicality.
e) I will hardly ever track the car and push up toward the 180 limit.

I pick up my silver 2005 90th anniversary spyder today!
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A Spyder, of course...

Well, I own one, but it's an easy decision. Living in California, I drive with the top down whenever it is more that 70 degrees or so and dry, which is a lot of the time. Also, unless you are trying to set bleeding edge track times, I have to say I love my Spyder on the track. I've taken it to Laguna Seca twice, Sears Point twice, and Thunderhill once (unfortunately in the rain, so the only time I had to leave the top up!). Great fun.
I also think the Spyder with the top down is a much better looking vehicle.
The only reason I can imagine to get a coupe is for the back seat, if you need it.
But, as I said at the beginning, I have a Spyder.
to spyder or not

this winter was perfect top down weather, how many top drop cars do we have?
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