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That's good to know about the tire size / handling balance, wish I'd known before I put new skins on. Did you change profile as well, to account for speedometer error?

I just put a set of PZero Neros on. Can't say the grip is any higher than the Michelins. I think it's about the same, but they are quieter and I could swear the steering has less feel than it did with the Michelins.

Different cars react differently to different tires. I had Goodyears Supercar F1s on my M5, everyone raved about them, but in a back-to-back comparison they definitely had less grip than the Michelins.

Sweater I still say you have the best looking car on the road. I saw a black / black GS on PCH once while I was on my supermoto and just gushed.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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