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What do you guys think?
I'm not a fan of tinted tail lights. Aside from the fact that is could make you harder to see, it just doesn't look right. People do that sort of thing to their Ford Mustang or [fill in the blank] Dodge. IMHO, on an Italian GT, it doesn't work.

Guys - I have friend with a Porsche that was planning on putting film on his headlamp covers but, the owner's manual cautioned against doing this as the film will keep the heat from the lamps in and possibly cause damage. Anyone have any thoughts/experience in this area for our cars. I've wanted to put a clear protective film over mine to guard against stone damage but, now I'm reconsidering.
I have 3M rock guard covering the entire front of my car including the headlights. No problems at all. However, the longest I have ever driven the car without a significant (1 hour or more) stop is about 2 hours. Maybe more time between stops or extended time with high beams on would bake or melt the covering.

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