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Given that fuel economy was not likeley to have been a primary motivating factor for either the design team or its intended audience, I have heard some terrifying reports of what would seem to be excessive thirst in these cars.What have the members here been seeing?
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I've never paid much attention to the fuel efficiency on any of my cars mostly because of one main reason... I have a boat that drinks ~45 US gal. per hour and on a regular fishing day I ussually spend between 175 - 200 US gal. :roll: that's maybe what my Maserati would drink in a whole month, but after reading these posts I checked the "trip" thingy on my car and I was :shock: 7.1 mpg :shock:

I drive mostly on the sport mode, there are lots of traffic lights where I drive so it is mostly 1st., 2nd. and only sometimes 3rd. gear to 6500 rpm. then brake hard to start all over again. The 7.1 mpg. surprises me not because of the $$$ but because could that mean something wrong with my car...???
You're right :) I'm always the first one out and if not I'm always fighting my way through traffic... track racing is boring... obstacle racing is a lot more fun :wink:

Yes, I think octane has a direct effect with fuel consumption but I doubt it is that much as the difference between my car and most others is close to 50%, only Scott says he had similar numbers. I only fill up on the same Texaco station, one owned by a close friend. Texaco fuels here are imported from the US and they say it is 97, all other fuels are refined here and I don't trust them.

What rpm's do you normally run your car...??

When they did the software upgrade they also changed the fuel lines complete from the tank to the engine... they told me it was a recall made by the factory on all 2004 CC... I was under the car with the mechanic while he did the change and we checked thoroughly for leaks and it was OK, also I think that if it was a leak it would smell and it does not smells at all so I think a leak is out of the question...

I'll fill up and clear the trip meter today and be watching it very closely on the next tank.
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1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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