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I may trade my coupe for a QP and need help from current QP owners.

(1) Does the QP have a softer ride than the coupe? (my wife wants a softer ride)

(2) Are there frequent maintenance problems with the QP? (I always see many of them getting fixed at the dealership) What are the major problems that are happening to the QPs?


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although i haven't serviced it yet I have 5000 miles on my brand new QP Sport GT.. it is as loaded as it gets
i have had (2) very minor problems...

1. is that my instrument cluster squeaked (it was annoying) apparently very common in the QP's, i'd say keep your ears peeled for that

2. some minor peeling of the "chrome" plastic on the lighter cover (easy fix)

as far as the ride, there are 2 mode like most Masers, the manual mode is great ... the Auto mode i think was designed for rich housewives...

my wife went to Skip Barber Racing in Monterrey CA and she actually prefers the "sport mode" which is dramatically differnet (noticeable) and very stiff comparable to a coupe.

ask your dealer if they can come by your house w/ a QP thats what Ferrari/Maserati of Silicon Valley did for me.... my wife hates dealerships and we made the deal right in my kitchen.

hope this helps

Drive Safe
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