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Welcome to the club...

There does not appear to be any extended warranty options as of this time. If you can, get an 03 or 04.

These cars are NOT meant to be driven in Auto. If that is the only way you plan to drive, pass on this car.

You have to pay for service and wear items like clutches.

Start checking out all the posts dealing with service and maintenance. There are a lot. The people on this forum are great.

I plan on keeping my car and I figured it would cost me 3,000 - 4,000 each and every year to keep everything running great. On average. I factored in the cost of a clutch and I assume I will have to replace an F1 pump someday out of warranty.

The first 12 months of your car may cost you nothing more than an oil change... ($350.00)

These cars are NOT cheap to service and maintain. If you plan on putting 10 - 12 K miles each year, figure two oil changes, one scheduled service, a set of tires every 12- 18 K miles, a clutch every 18 - 25K miles, brakes etc....

ITs soooo worth it... Good luck CM
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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