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I am thinking of buying a Coupe GT, most likely a 2002 with 5-6k on it. I test drove one and I admit I am impressed by the feel, the response and the sound of the engine. I loved the response of the engine to bleeping the throttle for heel-and-toe downshifting - phenomenal! The responsiveness of the suspension, at least in the sport mode was a pleasant surprise, as I was expecting more of grand touring type of ride. The car isolates the driver a lot less than I expected from what the tires try to communicate. It does a good job of hiding its weight too. All this is good, as I prefer sports cars to GTs (current and favorite car to date: BMW MCoupe). Also, the feel of the car from a driver's perspective was way superior to that of a BMW 645i, which I was (but no longer) considering.
My first impressions of the GT versus the MCoupe (or the 993
Porsche I have had experience with) is that (a) handling beat my expectations (but I still give the edge to the MCoupe) and (b) the engine
is a true gem, has real soul and is the strongest advantage of this car.

Now for the concerns. Some posts I have read on this forum notwithstanding, my impression from the car I drove is that it will have considerably more rattles and little sqeaks after a few thousans miles than my MCoupe. Not my first concern, but worth mentioning.

Reliability. I would really like to hear from owners who have put serious miles on their cars. I intend to put 10k+ miles a year on mine and use it daily. It kind of makes me a little uncomfortable that most 2002 and 2003 Coupes I see for sale have less than 6k miles. Does anybody drive these cars as a daily driver? I have some appreciation for Italian character (spent a few years tossing around Alfas in my native Greece), but I do not equate soddy workmanship and having relatively new components fail unpredictably with "excitement" and "character".

Finally, call me weird, but I have not taken any of my cars to a shop for non-warranty work in the last 20 years. I like to do stuff myself and I keep my cars a long time. I do pretty much everything, short of a block rebuild. What will be greatly appreciated are any educated guesses, from old hands out there, about the probability of a decent repair manual appearing for this car .

Thanks to all who care to respond.
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