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im gonna have to agree.. working for a dealership, especially one that specializes in highline cars has given me an extraordinary oppurtunity to drive a lot of cars..

the m coupe is definately an impressive machine. i believe the newest versions were the fastest bmw's until e42? m5 was released.. and i definately love the look of that car, if for no other reason than how unique it is.

but the driving experience cannot be compared to the maser. the maser sounds better, looks better, and is overall more fun to drive. personally i really love the 993 porsches as well, but again i think the maser wins. i think you hit the nail on the head when you said the maser communicates more to the driver than most other sports cars out there these days, including the 996 Porsche's. plus, the maser has the traction control, rev limiter, abs, assisted steering, and engine management all tied together.. sport mode turns down the traction control and abs, which i find much better than m coupe's on or off fine tuning.

i would say that these do tend to get a few more squeaks and rattles than some other cars, but i think the other cars catch back up a few years later.. i think this is most likely to do with the fact that these cars are hand built..

as far as working on them yourself, there are arguments for either side, but im willing to bet that this is in about the same league as the m coupe to work on. (although im sure there are more parts \ information available for the m coupe than the maser, just because of market saturation. but if you cared about that you'd be driving a honda civic)

one little tidbit - the maser shocks have threaded tubes with coil-over springs. all you have to do is put it on a jack, and you can change the ride height as soon as you get it home. i personally think an inch off of these looks awesome.
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